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Loren & Wally Podcast

  • Podcast of the Day 070215

    The Loren and Wally Morning Show talk U.S. Women World Cup team, should athletes be forgiven after messing up in big games, have you ever seen your spouse without hair dye, keys to a happy marriage, and a Wallyology Special Report on charcoal. Bob Ryan calls in. Read More
  • Podcast of the Day 070115

    Loren and Wally talk Forth of July weekend from the best places to see fireworks to best hotdogs. Dave Letterman calls in. LBF is extremely upset over the Affleck- Gardner divorce. Read More
  • Podcast of the Day 063015

    Its the Loren and Wally Podcast of the Day. Its Tuesday and the Gang talks about the Default debit in Greece. What would you do with one extra second. The return of think like Wally. A Astronaut whos stuck in space. A Wallyology on how to tell if your propane tank is almost empty. Also talk about Apple Interns and how much they earn under the internship. LBF with Dirty Laundry Three things and Birthdays, Plus MFM and the Game Of The Day .

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  • Podcast of the Day 062915

    Its the Loren and Wally Podcast of the Day. Its Monday of a short 4 day work week. The Gang talks about the prisoners who escaped and were on the run for over 3 weeks. Some good advice from bad people this stems from a letter written to Whitey Bulger and the advice he gave. A Wallyology on how to remove scratches from a glass table. The Bill Lee report , Bill gives us some insight on Eck durning his playing years. The band of Selfie Sticks at Disney. MFM , LBF with three things and Birthdays. Plus Much More.

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  • Podcast of the Day 062615

    Loren and Wally chat about the haunted house in New Jersey, Camels, a 1000 mph car, Bristol Palin, Donald Trump, and Lawn Mowers. With Special Guest Charlie Ross who performs The One Man Star Wars Trilogy Read More

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Men from Maine Podcasts

  • Classic Episode

    In an old episode of Men from Maine, Ephrum describes what 150 men were doing at his mother in law’s funeral. Read More
  • Listener Episode

    This homemade episode features Jeb building a rocket ship to fly to the sun. He puts his concerned friend’s mind at ease when he tells him his fool proof plan. Read More
  • Broken Down

    Lem’s truck breaks down and he seeks help from the widow Perkins. Ephus spends the night and suggests that just for tonight they act like they are married. Read More
  • Chuckie & the Movies

    Ephus tries to go to the movie theater with his pet rooster, Chuckie but is denied. He decides to sneak it in by putting it in his pants and ends up confusing a couple of older movie goers. Read More
  • Walk in the Woods

    Lem and Ephus run into a bear while on their walk through the woods. Lem comes up with a clever idea of how to get away. Read More

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