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Loren & Wally Podcast

  • Podcast of the Day 072414

    Loren and Wally are here to help you out today! They tell you the best and worst places to hide a key, how to remember people's names and Wally has a special Wallyology on how to deal with having a gun to your head. Also, we premiere a song by Alex Layton and tell his amazing story! Read More
  • Loren & Wally Podcast - 072314

    Loren and Wally chat about panties, ketchup, first dates, fill in the blank game, Clinton books, domain names and the Brooklyn Bridge. Read More
  • Podcast of the Day 072214

    The Market Basket saga discussion continues today as well as a phone call from soccer player Robbie Fowler to talk about Football at Fenway! Read More
  • Podcast of the Day 072114

    Just like every Monday we are joined by Bill Lee with his weekly report, we talk about the sharks down the Cape and Wally has a very special Wallyology report on how to unclog your toilet when you can't find your plunger. Read More
  • Loren & Wally Podcast - 071814

    Loren and Wally chat about dog houses, confidence, camels, tolls, bucket lists and today's Hawaiian Shirt Friday!! Read More

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Men from Maine Podcasts

  • Classic Episode

    In an old episode of Men from Maine, Ephrum describes what 150 men were doing at his mother in law’s funeral. Read More
  • Listener Episode

    This homemade episode features Jeb building a rocket ship to fly to the sun. He puts his concerned friend’s mind at ease when he tells him his fool proof plan. Read More
  • Broken Down

    Lem’s truck breaks down and he seeks help from the widow Perkins. Ephus spends the night and suggests that just for tonight they act like they are married. Read More
  • Chuckie & the Movies

    Ephus tries to go to the movie theater with his pet rooster, Chuckie but is denied. He decides to sneak it in by putting it in his pants and ends up confusing a couple of older movie goers. Read More
  • Walk in the Woods

    Lem and Ephus run into a bear while on their walk through the woods. Lem comes up with a clever idea of how to get away. Read More

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Tom's Townie Tunes

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