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Loren & Wally Podcast

  • Loren & Wally Podcast - 030615

    Loren and Wally chat about dogs, burn books, women on 20 dollar bills, Manning, planes, your most expensive year, gloves and more... Read More
  • Podcast of the Day 030515

    You will not believe how much the tooth fairy gives out each year to the children of the world. We also discuss the beginning of the Boston Marathon Bombing trial and the new videos that are being released. Wally also gives an eye opening Wallyology report on all the different food you can make from a pig! Read More
  • Loren & Wally Podcast - 030415

    Loren and Wally chat about Marijuana, would you rather Wednesday, bunnies, how normal are you, gold robbers and comedian/actor Paul talks about his movie Whiplash. Read More
  • Podcast of the Day 030315

    The group discusses Curt Schilling's recent transformation into Liam Neeson when people tried cyber bullying his daughter, Loren tells us about the newest Poop App for your phone, and we bring back the beloved game Think Like Wally! Of course we also have a new Wallyology on what the bunnies do during winter time. Read More
  • Loren & Wally Podcast - 022715

    Loren and Wally chat about fears, high school student Susan calls into the studio for potential job shadow,bubble wrap, new house of cards on Netflix and Dave Coulier from Full House pops into the studio. Read More

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Men from Maine Podcasts

  • Classic Episode

    In an old episode of Men from Maine, Ephrum describes what 150 men were doing at his mother in law’s funeral. Read More
  • Listener Episode

    This homemade episode features Jeb building a rocket ship to fly to the sun. He puts his concerned friend’s mind at ease when he tells him his fool proof plan. Read More
  • Broken Down

    Lem’s truck breaks down and he seeks help from the widow Perkins. Ephus spends the night and suggests that just for tonight they act like they are married. Read More
  • Chuckie & the Movies

    Ephus tries to go to the movie theater with his pet rooster, Chuckie but is denied. He decides to sneak it in by putting it in his pants and ends up confusing a couple of older movie goers. Read More
  • Walk in the Woods

    Lem and Ephus run into a bear while on their walk through the woods. Lem comes up with a clever idea of how to get away. Read More

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Tom's Townie Tunes

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