New! Pictures of WROR and maybe YOU!

What's In The Box?  Live broadcast from Century Bank!
Loren & Wally along with the Sloane Family revealed and gave away what was in The Box!  Check out the pictures to find out what Ron from Attleboro won! 
Merry Christmas from 105.7 WROR!
Look for us in a town or mall near you!  We'll be the ones playing Boston's Favorite Christmas Songs, giving away WROR Ornaments, and more!  Merry Christmas!
The 3rd Annual Loren & Wally Yard Sale
The yard sale was a huge success thanks to YOU!  There were over 60 tables of yard sale treasure...  thank you for selling and shopping.  We raised over $2000 for the National Brain Tumor Society!
Bill "the Spaceman" Lee and the WROR Spaceman Knock-Off!
Did you get your picture taken with the WROR SPACEMAN? Let us know if you want a copy by emailing!
Cooking (and eating) with Cope at Kam Appliances!
Sue Cope hosted a tasting at KAM Appliances in Hanover for 50 lucky (and hungry) WROR listeners!
Were YOU at the Aerosmith and the J. Geils Band show?
Were you lucky enough to get Freeze-Framed or meet the WROR Monkey? Find your pic and let us know if you want a copy!
Start Your Engines, Grannies!
NASCAR ain't got nothing on the grannies who raced in our first Granny Grand Prix at Starland in Hanover!
Hot Fun in the Summertime with WROR!
Did you meet us at your local park or see us in your town's parade?  See if YOU made our summer photo album!
Loren & Wally's 3 hour tour!
Did you join us for a night on the Spirt Of Boston See if YOU made our photo album!
What has WROR been up to?
This is the place to find out! The WROR Street Team, Loren, Wally, Doyle and Devereaux... they're everywhere!
Hank's Big Adventure
Hank's Big Adventure
Hank Morse has gone through an amazing progression of losing weight and looking good. Check out the photo gallery and see Hank's progress!  Make sure to check back soon for updates!
Fall with 105.7 WROR!
Look for us in costumes in Salem's Haunted Happenings Parade! Hank trying to stay dry at the Walk for Pancreatic Cancer Research! Loren & Wally at Whole Foods!
Loren & Wally Halloween Office Parties
Loren & Wally Halloween Office Parties
The Loren & Wally Morning Show hosted a week of Halloween Parties at some of the most spooktacular offices in the area! Check out Wally with long hair... and Tom being Tom!
Hank Goes to France
The Morse Family recently went to France and took a couple surprise guests... a Loren & Wally dashboard statue!  Can you spot it?
Loren & Wally Yard Sale
A big thank you goes out to all the people who came to the Loren & Wally Yard Sale.. those who were selling and those who showed up to make the yard sale such a success! 
Loren & Wally's Hot Moms & Dads
To celebrate Mother's and Father's Day Loren & Wally hosted a Hot Moms and a Hot Dads contest!  You voted and we crowned them... Miss the contest or just want a second look?