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A Humble Experience
Posted 11/10/2011 4:54:00 PM

Today I volunteered at the Greater Boston Food Bank. I worked on the loading dock. Through out the day trucks pulled up we piled on sacks of potatoes onions and cabbages. Loaded on boxes of cereal and toiletries. All these will be heading out to the more then 600 food banks and shelters throughout Massachusetts.

 While working on the dock we met many of the people who run these food banks and shelters. Hearing their stories really opened my eyes. Some are in so much need that they only can open their doors 3 days a week because that is all they have enough food for. Others have to put limits on how much food families can take so that they have enough to go around. The many things we take for granted everyday, are not a luxury for others.

 The need for food has grown even more this year due to the economy. So far they have distributed 35 million pounds of food this year out of the 50 million pounds that they are able to hold at the facility. This gets you to thinking. I have a roof over my head and I have food to eat everyday. After working at the Food Bank today I will think twice about complaining that I have nothing to eat because I may not want what I have in my fridge or cabinets. There are others out there who have NOTHING! I have while others need.

 I began thinking of ways that I can help, but I am just one person. So maybe you can help too! Let's start simple. Most supermarkets have a donation box at the front of the store. Each week while doing your grocery shopping pick up a couple of extra cans and boxes of food and drop them in! If money is tight, challenge your friends, family and even your co-workers to give up a few hours of time and volunteer at the Food Bank. Though most people think they only need help during the holidays, this is not true. They need help ALL year round. There is sorting to be done, shelves to be stocked and there are trucks to be loaded.

Maybe through these small ideas, we can make a big difference. So spread the word. Lend a can and a hand. We can maybe make the holidays and the year better for those who are in need.


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