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The Lost Art of Being Civil
Posted 8/19/2011 12:00:00 AM

Today as I was walking out of Dunkin Donuts with many coffees in hand (7 to be exact) the gentleman coming in kindly stepped aside, held the door for me and said with a smile on this face that I could go thru.  I thanked him and as I entered the hall way to the second door to the outside, a lady plows thru the door without a care in the world nearly hitting me and letting the door slam in my face.  Kind? NO. Rude? YES!

I feel the art of being civil (thank you Ken West for your help) is exiting the world. Some people will see you are in need of assistance and help you out. Others don’t even bother to because it has nothing to do with THEM.  Where has kindness gone?

It makes me wonder why you cannot take 5 seconds to stop and help someone out. Are you going to get sick? Do you really really have to use the bathroom? Is there some sort of serious emergency?  These are the legitimate excuses I could see for not helping out . You being involved in your own world and feeling that you and your activities are more important than someone else's is not.

We are all guilty of living in our own world and we need to break that habit! Stop the rush, slow down and let's bring back being civil. Hold a door. Smile at someone you don't know and say hello. Let someone switch lanes in traffic. Stop and let a walker cross the street instead of just blowing by them. It's the little things you do when you step out of your own world that can make a big difference in someone else's day.

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