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Customer Service FAIL
Posted 11/1/2013 12:13:00 PM

Ya know, I don't go out "out" often so when I do it's kind of a big deal to me. In late September I bought a ticket on line for what looked like a great show: Los Straightjackets who I've seen before, Southern Culture on the Skids who I think I've seen before back when I used to work for WBOS and The Fleshtones who I hadn't yet seen but was totally psyched to see! They were actually the main reason I was going. And, joy of joys, they were on first so if I wimped out after being up past 9, I could go home early! The other great thing was the show was on a Friday night! I showed up at The Sinclair in Cambridge about a half hour before show time, walked up to the window, explained to the guy behind the glass that I hadn't printed out a receipt but that I'd bought the ticket on line and it will be there under my name. I gave him my license. “Hmmm...we don't seem to have a ticket for you, sorry.” I gave him my credit card so he could search further. “Nope. Sorry, you don't have a ticket but if you'd like to buy one, the show's not sold out.” After an exchange of "but I already paid for a ticket" and "maybe you can look the receipt up on your iphone" and "but I don't have a computer in my pocket", other patrons were starting to come up to the window picking up or buying their tickets so I stepped aside. I had two friends who were also going to the show and they bought their tickets from the same on line location I did. I sent them a text from my flip phone and I called and left a message; I called another friend and told him my dilemma and he got me fired up enough to go back to the window and ask to see a manager. I was told "the manager's gonna tell you the same thing....you don't have a ticket." Then some other guy who’d heard the exchange came out from behind the window and dismissively told me the same thing: "you don't have a ticket." After more standing around, I finally heard from my friends who had gotten there early and were already inside. "Have them check the Yep Roc list". I went up the window again and showed the guy the text, he sighed and fumbled around his surroundings but again said "you have no ticket." "Could it be misfiled?" sigh "no, I looked". By now I'm realizing I'm becoming indignant enough to where some very colorful language is dangerously close to flying out of my mouth and then they would have been justified in not letting me in so I made the decision to leave. As I walked back to my car in the crisp, fall air, I begin to realize in the grand scheme of life, this is not that big of a deal and as of late, I know what a real big deal is. While being treated like a liar and not being able to see a show I was looking forward to is disappointing, it's not as bad as being the person who has such little faith that they would fail to see the humanity in a middle aged woman who said she bought a ticket to a show and just wanted to enjoy some live music. It would have cost that young man and that venue nothing to say "ya know, we don't seem to have your ticket but I believe you bought one so go on in and enjoy the concert." And here’s the kicker. My friend who bought her tickets from the same place I did, later told me she showed up with her receipt and was told she didn’t need it, “just give me your name”. I don’t know who dropped the ball but I know who didn’t pick it up.

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