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Posted 6/24/2013 5:47:00 PM

Or at least one example…to me anyway. Do you have a bike? Do your kids have bikes? Your significant other? Grandkids?  I love being outdoors…in most any capacity, in most any weather and one of my most favorite things to do is to ride my bike. I’m not a bent over, spandex wearing, fancy sneaker toe shoved inside the bike pedal kind of rider. I’m more a shorts, tank top, flip flop (or thongs as we called ‘em where I grew up) wearing casual cruiser. When I ride to work, I’m on the sidewalks a lot cos frankly I don’t feel safe riding on the street.  Which is why I love, love, love bike paths. They’re scenic and made specifically for biking, running, walking, blading, no motorized vehicles allowed. My absolute favorite bike path around here (so far…I don’t know all of them!) is the East Bay Bicycle Path in Rhode Island.  It goes from Providence to Bristol and it is gorgeous. Personally I like it better than the Cape Cod Rail Trail though that’s an excellent trail, too. There are other people on the path but it’s not crazy like the Lexington Bike Path! You’ll ride past fresh water, salt water and watering holes. There are a couple of state parks off the path, re: bathrooms!!  You’ll go through diverse neighborhoods, a shopping area, golf course, softball field, ice cream shops, pizzas parlors and picnic areas; there are literally dozens of little vignettes along the way. And did I mention there’s parking. And, except for one big hill at the beginning (if you begin in Providence) it’s pretty flat. Yes, I will drive 45 miles to ride my bike 30 miles. I know, it seems silly but for me, there’s nothing like an early, warm sunny morning ride with a half way stop for a snack or a full breakfast at one of the restaurants on the path (I had Nutella stuffed French toast a couple weeks ago…awesome). The feeling of humid summer air on my body, the smell of the greenery, the sound of the birds, the surf, the fresh water pond, sun shining…it just doesn’t get much better. Oh, I do wanna mention you’ll occasionally see chipmunks, squirrels, bunnies, mice and the odd garden snake darting (slithering?) across the path….most make it, others, not so lucky. Hope to see ya out there some weekend!

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