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Boston Strong Concert Musings
Posted 6/3/2013 4:51:00 PM

An appropriate opening with the reading of a beautiful poem by its author,  New England poet Richard Blanco. His poem will be available to purchase, royalties going to the Marathon survivors.

Then Boston’s version of the Star Spangled Banner, followed by a door busting, sing along set by the band.

Comedian Lenny Clark and his yellow pants with his very funny albeit entitled white guy perspective.

Extreme’s acoustic one off set, reuniting specifically for this show; the crowd loved them and sang along.

Ex morning show host and (really) funny guy Steve Sweeney who hit the Boston nail on the head continuously during his time on stage.

J Geils Band. Man oh man. Peter Wolf was on! He and the band were idling with one foot on the brake and the other one to the floor. I have to wonder what might have happened if they were simply playing the Garden on a hot Thursday night in May. Buh bye roof!

Steven Wright. One of my favorite humans. He has a way of looking at life that invites you to look at life differently.

Apparently Boston’s gone country? Jason Aldean and his band kicked up some dust. One of my girlfriends who was watching the stream texted me: “those country boys are hot!”. Why, yes. I noticed that, too.

Adopted Bostonian (his words) and hero (everyone else’s words) Joe Andruzzi addressed the crowd before he had the honor of introducing the Irish Rovers on steroids aka The Drop Kick Murphy’s. For the first few songs I was fooled me into thinking...”hmmm…what’s all the fuss?”…..then they took out the heavy artillery. Ah. Now I get it. YEA! PLUG IN and TURN UP!

Representin’ the whole city of Dorchester circa 1988, Donnie Wahlberg…and posse…and sneakers…and awesome, glittery, 617, one of a kind Bruins jerseys that I’m sure if they auctioned off could bring in a ton of dough for One Fund Boston…danced and sang in unison and drove all the 40 somethings caaaa-razy! Enter Bell Biv Devoe. Cue hysteria. Enter Boys to Men.  Cue delirium.

Bring audience back to 2013 with “I Love Boston” video short.

Bring out sports contingent. LOUD cheer. Julian Edelman, Doug Flutie doing his best Big Papi impersonation and Chris Berman with a quickie Boston history lesson.

What’s that? A  w-o-m-a-n ? Carole King acknowledged the fact that she was the sole female on the roster (wondering…Carly? Bonnie? Anyone?). She and James Taylor fit together like a favorite pair of sneakers for more than a few songs. Then Carole handed it off to Mr. No Shoes needed: the light hearted Jimmy Buffett who joined James and then cast off on his own.

Finally, Cambridge homey Dane Cook. I’ve since read about him pulling his entertaining set off the technically challenged live stream last night for reasons of his own (and the vitriol that’s followed). That aside, he did well and got to give the final introduction to a band that needs no introduction around here:

Aerosmith. Rock star quota filled. Songs to satisfy all generations of their fans.

Last words? “Come Together”; nice choice.

And if this had not been played, I think the rotation of the planet would have ceased at once.

The entire tribe of givers of their time and energy, on stage for a glorious, end of evening, official commentary on this rough, tough, strong community.

Oh, Boston you’re my home.

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