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One Week Ago
Posted 4/24/2013 5:02:00 PM

You’d think by now I’d be used to it….but I’m always surprised and amazed at life’s twists and turns. You wake up in the morning with your day sort of planned out, your loose list of expectations and the next thing you know, life steps in. One week ago all of our lives were effectively changed, some more than others.  We’re all still raw and processing the events of Marathon Monday. Eventually the initial shock will wear off and when it does I’m hoping I will ask myself what the incident was here to teach before I get lulled back into routine. It’s my personal understanding that everything happens for a reason, there’s always a lesson and it’s always for the greater good of self and humanity which are basically one in the same. I have a lot of conflicting and confusing thoughts and emotions in relation to what happened and I wonder if you do too. I also have questions. Most specifically: why?  And I don’t want to hear about culture or religion. I want the deeper humanity why. But perhaps that’s not my business. Perhaps my business is what I can do internally to make sure I don’t perpetuate the kind of energy that promotes that kind of behavior. Words matter. Thoughts matter. Perhaps the lesson is to choose each wisely.

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