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Let's Hear It For Bare Legs
Posted 3/13/2013 5:54:00 PM

Am I the only girl who doesn't know how to put on a pair of tights? I take them out of their package and teetering on one leg I start the process at the toe. No sooner do I get my foot covered, pulling the one leg up to my knee and starting on the other leg, the tights begin to twist at one of the ankles. By the time I get that straightened out and begin to hike them up higher, the other side is wound around my thigh so tightly (maybe that's why they're called "tights"?), I can't pull them up and I have to start all over again from the first foot.  When after 15 minutes of wrangling I do somehow get both legs somewhat arranged, the seam at the butt is crooked on my butt and either the crotch is hanging like gangsta tights or the waist goes way past mom jeans status. WTF?! Oh, and then there's the millions of little pieces of lint, I believe they're called "pills"? that somehow attach themselves to a pair of freshly washed tights never, ever to be dislodged again which forces me to wear the now ruined tights inside out and the entire contortion routine begins anew. How I long for summer.

Posted By: Julie Devereaux  

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