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I'm Late! I'm Late!
Posted 1/15/2013 2:08:00 PM

No, not that kind of late. Those days, thankfully, are long gone! I'm talking about simply running late. If there's one thing that drives me NUTS, it's being rushed…in anything! I recently had my first root canal and on the initial visit I said to the endodontist "no need to rush". He said something I've since incorporated into my own vernacular: he said: "when I'm thinking it's time to speed up, I know it's really time to slow down." Which brings me to the reason I'm often running late. Sometimes it's because I'm attempting to do too much in a limited time (which is laughable because "time" is infinite); but often it's because.…I can't get off the toilet. It's usually when I'm already behind schedule that my body decides "now"…."now" would be a good time to "go". It's most infuriating when I'm headed out for a 6 am yoga class cos if I'm not there on time the door is locked and I can't get in. One time it happened just before I was to do a TV segment with Toys for Tots at South Station with Fox News. "NOW"! YOU WILL "GO" NOW! I dutifully obeyed and then had to rush back. Ya know, a long time ago I saw this piece extoling the most important body part….I bow in acquiescence.

The Most Important Organ of the Body

The human body wonders who the leader is…
The brain says, “it's me, I control everything.”
The heart says, “it is me, I circulate the blood”
The liver says, “it’s me! I help with digestion and remove toxins; I feed.” The anus says, “no, it’s me” Everybody laughs. So the anus refused to open for 7 days,  The liver exploded, the brain was stewed, and the heart stopped beating. Moral of story: Even an a*hole can be a leader.

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