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Once Upon A Dream….The Young Rascals
Posted 12/17/2012 6:47:00 PM

So, there I was Saturday night at a lovely, refurbished theatre in Port Chester NY. As I looked around, I thought hmmm…so this is what the Orpheum could look like….I mean, how long have we been paying that restoration fee? Outside on the marquis "The Rascals". Just seeing their name conjures up my own personal relationship with radio, rock and roll and record stores. I remember playing their "Time Peace" album in excess, full tilt on my nana's console stereo, dancing my ass off and singing at the top of my lungs. Hearing The Rascals on AM radio is a foundation of my youth.  From the exuberant audience in Port Chester NY this weekend, I'm not the only one. A sea of baby boomers transported back to a fuse that lit the summer of love. The Rascals  "Once Upon A Dream" show will take you on that journey in a new way. Producer Steven Van Zandt calls it a "BioConcert". (Personally I'd change that to "AutoBioConcert"). Using music, interviews and images it tells the story of the Young Rascals to The Rascals to their 40 year hiatus and subsequent reunion. But describing the show in those simple terms does "Once Upon A Dream" a disservice because from the moment you sit down in the theatre, you're in a 60's time warp…and that's a fun thing! If I could make one minor adjustment, it would be to designate a dance area…slow dancing, fast dancing…because seat dancing in the car is one thing but this is a show your whole body wants to experience…from memory and seeing a (usually) mature woman being told by someone half their age to get down off their seat is….malarkey! (and it wasn't me being reprimanded…for a change!)

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