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Posted 9/27/2012 6:19:00 PM

There I was putting on my face this morning when I heard what sounded like heavy machinery and some loud banging which you might think is the sound of me putting on my face. It's not. It was the sound of a house across the street being demolished. As I watched out the window, the arm of the bulldozer type machine crunched into the roof of what has always looked to me like a perfectly good house.  I wondered why it was being torn down. In the past month I've seen at least three other homes in my neighborhood meet the same fate. Now, I certainly don't know the structural condition of those houses but from what I saw there were certainly some things that seemed in pretty good shape: doors, windows and I'm guessing there were some other things I couldn't see that could have been recycled and not destroyed. Is there a company that goes into places that are about to be ripped down and removes things that could possibly be salvaged and sold? Recycled? It just seems so wasteful to me.  I mean, I've heard stories of people ripping copper out of buildings that were not being torn down so I at least have to wonder if there was any valuable copper wiring  in those homes. Anyhow, I'm sure by the time I get home tonight I'll be looking out my window at a ghost house on an empty lot…until the next McMansion goes up.

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