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Posted 5/14/2013 8:06:00 AM

It's prom season, one of the greatest times in the life of high school students. I can also be a time of great anxiety for parents.

WHY? First of all, we worry about our kids safety. How will they get there, who are they going with, what are they doing afterwards?

Second of all, THE COST! It's much more expensive if you have a daughter. My nearly 17 year old just went to her junior prom. Her dress was $200, but it easily could have been $500. The shoes were on sale for $40. The mani-pedi was $55, the hair and makeup $90, the eyebrow wax was $15, the cluth was $20, and the tickets were $160.  We got off easy with the limo. A friend's uncle provided it free, but would have cost $300-$400. We gave the driver a $20 tip. I also spent $100 on pizza and wings for the after party. Oh, the boutenir for my daughter's boyfre It cost me about $700, which is ALOT of money for a prom. My daughter's boyfriend spent about $150 on his tuxedo.

Now, my biggest concern was what the kids were doing afterwards. The school has an all night party, which is chaperoned by teachers and adults. I LOVE the idea. However, my daughter and her friends didn't want to go. They, instead, all slept over at a friends house. BOYS and GIRLS. I know the parents very well, but was still apprehensive. When you have 15 high school teens in one place, you worry about EVERYTHING: ALCOHOL, DRUGS, SEX!~

I decided to let my daughter stay over. My wife and I have a discussion with her about making good decisions. Sometimes you have to trust them to do the right thing and then PRAY that they do. I knew they'd be in one place, not driving around, with adult supervision that I trusted. At their ages of 16, 17 and 18, they can find places to do things you don't want them to do. So, I treated my daughter and her friends as adults and hoped they made good decisions. It's not easy!

Now, my daughter is going to her boyfriend's prom at another high school. I have to do it all over, again! :) I said - "At least you can wear the dress to Joe's prom!" Her response - "Dad, you CAN'T do that! It's unacceptable. Everyone will know!"

Good luck parents!

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