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Posted 4/2/2013 7:48:00 AM

Pittsburgh, PA high school senior Suzy Lee Weiss wrote a funny, sarcastic op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal about the college acceptance process. She says that colleges have lied to kids, telling them "to be yourself" and you'll got into the schools you want to go to. Weiss sarcastically writes that had she known being "herself" wouldn't have done the trick, she's have pretended to be from another ethnic group, helped under privileged animals or start some fake charity.

A "Gawker" columnist totally missed the sarcasm of Weiss' piece and criticized her for being entitled, spoiled and afraid of actually working to get good grades.

One thing I've noticed as my two daughters prepare for the college application process. It is a total crap shoot. When 34,000 students apply to Harvard University and only 2,000 get in, you can't base your acceptance on achievement alone. They all basically got the same grades, played three sports, scored 2350 on the SATs, worked 20 hours a week, spoke four languages and tutored the needy. Do the math. There is not a fair way.

That being said, encourage your kids to do their best, control what they can, let the chips fall where they may and instill in them the idea that their best efforts will lead them to good things in life. Focusing on getting into a few, select schools and then not getting in, does them more harm than good. Who says the 32,000 who didn't get into Harvard last year are doomed for failure? What - going to Brown or BU or UMaine or UMass won't lead them to great things? Ask, UMass grad Jack Welch from Salem, MA, how things turned out after he went to UMass. He's been called the greatest CEO of our time for his tenure at General Electric!

So, encourage your kids to do their best, engage in best practices and make the most of situations they are presented with. Lemons make great lemonade!

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