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Posted 2/26/2013 8:04:00 AM

This one is hard to fathom. A nine year old boy from Brockton is starring in a series of YouTube videos as a rapper. The boy goes by the name Lil Poopy and is a member of the rap group the "Coke Boys". It's not the rap music that is bothersome, it's the boy slapping grown women on the backside and engaging in adult like behavior. He raps that he's a "cocaine cowboy" and sings about machine guns and groupies, according to the Boston Herald.

Brockton police have filed complaint against the boy's father, Luis Rivera, with the state's Department of Children and Families, alleging child abuse and neglect. Rivera says his son is just acting and isn't doing anything wrong. He goes to school, doesn't smoke or do drugs. Well, isn't that something to be proud of for a nine year old. He alleges that the authorities just don't don't like rap.

The boy's producer says rap music is a lot like professional wrestling - it's fake. It's just entertainment!

Even if it is fake, most of us wouldn't allow our children to be involved in this type of behavior. The boy is being allowed to glorify the gang culture which denigrates women and celebrates drugs and guns.

How many times have you seen parents at sporting events, encouraging their kids to be more physical? "C'mon, hit 'em!" What's the difference? Some of those adults are encouraging violent, glorified adult behavior, aren't they?

Now, Lil Poopy may be a really good kid, well fed and cared for. His father may just be guilty of bad judgement. However, Mr. Rivera needs to stop thinking about the dollar signs from a future rap career and start thinking about enriching his talented son's life with positive messages.

What do you think? Is it neglect and abuse? Are people being too judgemental?

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