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The REAL new year begins NOW!!!
Posted 1/30/2012 8:41:00 AM

The fact that society tries to turn off their gluttonous holiday behavior January 1st is really unfair. In fact, I paid no attention to it. To go from a virtual food orgy to abstinence is difficult. So....I eased my way back into the better eating. I had a few days where I ate anything I wanted. The result: I FELT LIKE CRAP! Sugars poison my system. My joints get inflamed, my pants get tighter, I get irritable, don't sleep well, get more anxious about things and lack energy.

As I fight back from my annual holiday indulgences I am thrilled to see February. I have chronicled my weight loss struggle for a long time. I am down to 235 pounds, after having topped the scale at 375 pounds for many years.

Enter Mike Boyle, the Red Sox new strength and conditioning consultant. He got me moving, eating more protein, more fruits and vegetables, less grain and "whites" and less sugar back in 2007. He ingrained in me the great knowledge that protein, water, rest, fruits, vegetables and exercise, lead to fitness success.

So..say goodbye to January. February means spring training, 50 days until spring and the realization that good habits will lead to a good life when the warmer weather gets us outside. Forget what better eating does for you physically. Mentally, better eating leads to a better life between the ears.

Try it! You'll love it.

Check out Mike Boyle Strength and Contioning at www.bodybyboyle.com.

Happy New Year!



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