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Blame It On The Rain


This is gonna be fun for you because of this big scandle with Beyonce lip syncing the Nation Anthem at the Inauguration. People are outraged. So we have been chatting all morning about famous lip syncing events that have happend over music history. Two guys who really had their carreers ruined were Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus. They were from Munic Germany and they were the creation of this record guy who needed two good looking guys to put on the cover of an album. So he hired these two guys but hey actually did not sing the actual songs. They got burned on a live MTV performance they did back in 1989. As they performed the the song Girl You Know It's True, the song jammed and began to repeat the words over and over again. They guys didnt know what to do so they ran off stage and it was a big scandal. So this morning I am going to play their last big number one hit before they were caught. This song is from the summer of 1989 and this is Milli Vanilli.

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