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These Eyes
You know I have a very special place in my heart for Canada. No really my people are from up in Canada and every once in a while a group from Canada will have a hit song here in America. We are going to play one of those hit songs for you this morning. This is the group The Guess Who from the album Wheatfield Soul. It’s Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings. They co-wrote this song and Randy is the lead guitarist while Burton is the lead singer.
With A Little Help From My Friends
It’s a very big day out there for all the smokers and the tokers being 4/20 and all. So we are going to bring Mr. Joe Cocker in this morning. The song is With A Little Help From My Friends.
In Your Eyes
I had to bring in some special equipment to play this song for you today. So I brought in my Boom Box and I am going to hold it up over my head and start the song. This is from the movie Say Anything. Remember this LBF? Of course you do. John Cusack holding the Boom Box up over his head. This is a great song from Peter Gabriel off the album So.
Couldn't Get It Right
Today we are going to play a song from a band that came from across the pond. They were formed in Stafford, England and were originally known at the Climax Chicago Blues Band. Then the American Band, The Chicago Transit Authority, forced them to change their name. Then the Chicago Transit Authority was forced to change their name, but that was a whole other story. Right now we are going to play for you The Climax Blues Band and this song climbed all the way to number three on the charts.
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