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We have a true classic for you today. We are going to play this song because this is the date that this song won Grammy Of The Year. It’s from the Rubber Soul album by The Beatles. It’s the last cut on side one. Paul will sing lead vocal on this and he plays bass and acoustic guitar, John will do the backing vocals and playing an acoustic classical guitar. George is going to play twelve string acoustic guitar on this and the lead and of course Ringo is on drums.
Land Of Confusion
Did you get pulled into the controversy yesterday of the dress whether it was Black and Blue or White and Gold. Whoever came up with this created such a land of confusion for us. So I thought I would play the third track off the Invisible Touch album by Genisis.
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Yesterday when LBF was doing her birthdays she mentioned that George Harrison would have turned 72 yesterday. Then we started chatting off air about that great HBO special where they featured George and he just seemed like the nicest guy. Well today we are going to honor George. I brought in the White Album in honor of the Academy Awards. So we are going to play one of the great songs from this album and one of the great songs that George ever wrote. He is the lead singer on this and his buddy Eric Clapton plays solo guitar on this.
This young lady went to high school in Long Island, New York and her name is Patricia Mae Andrzejewski and she would sing every year at their Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. Then she started to perform in clubs and then she changed her name to Pat Benatar and then MTV played this song and she became the first female artist to be played on MTV way back when it started. Here is invincible!
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