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Voices Carry
We are going to get a little local today. We are going to play a song by a young lady who was the lead singer of the group we are going to play. She went to Berkley College of Music and she dropped out and joined the Boston punk band The Young Snakes. I’m sure some of you went to see The Young Snakes at some point. The song that we are going to play for you, won the MTV video award for best new artist. The video was shot right here in Boston, there are lots of local shots in this video and you’ll remember the group she sang lead for, they were called Till Tuesday.
Who Are You
I just stepped outside. It is so perfect out there. The weather is not too hot yet that you have to be running the AC in the car and you can roll the windows down. Hopefully you are on a stretch of 128 that isn’t all backed up but that is kind of a problem to find. If you happen to be in that stretch, keep those windows down and turn up the radio because this is a great driving song from The Who.
Positively 4th Street
So several years ago Bob Dylan is performing in England and he is not feeling well, he is feeling sick to his stomach. He was having all kinds of problems in the bathroom. So they had to take him to the hospital and he happened to be in the section of England called Paddington. So the only hospital nearby was a hospital for burn victims and everyone in there is naked because they can’t let the sheets or anything touch them. So they are all naked in the hospital, Bob Dylan comes in and he’s naked, they were all naked and that is where the term “ Paddington Bear” came from because they were all bare. So we are going to play some Dylan for you this morning and we got him dressed just for this performance.
Lotta Love
It’s a long holiday weekend and it’s all about getting in the car and having the kind of music on that when you have the windows down and you’re cruising around it just all blends together. So this is is one of those songs and it’s by Nicolette Larson. This song was written by Neil Young believe it or not. This is a great cruising song so if you are on the way to the Cape, let’s turn up that radio!
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