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Love Will Find A Way
Do you want to hear a great lead singer who has great range and can hit all the high notes? Well it’s David Jenkins and he sings lead for the band Pablo Cruise. This guy is really an amazing talent. He is still around actually and the band still tours occasionally.
Fixing A Hole
It’s been a while since we have had some harpsichord music on the show and it is kind of a gray day. So George Martin who was the producer for everything the Beatles did, he sat down with the Beatles when they were recording Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and he played the harpsichord. Paul McCartney wrote this song.
Because The Night
Ok today we are going to kick things off with the God Mother of punk. She was born in Chicago and her name is Patricia Lee Smith, better known as Patti Smith and she had a huge hit with this song that she co-wrote with Bruce Springsteen.
Steppin' Out
We have an English artist that is going to perform for us this morning. When he was a little boy he took up the violin and it was ok but he decided he would rather play the piano. So we have Mr. Joe Jackson with us this morning. Joe had a big hit with this record and he is a big proponent of smoking. He loves cigarettes. Every time he takes a picture he has a cigarette going and he thinks all this stuff out about cigarettes is a big hoax and we should all be smoking. So why you sit there this morning light one up and enjoy the music of Joe Jackson.
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