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Sultans of Swing
So British rock singer Mark Knopfler, was at a pub in south London and there was hardly anyone in there and there was this jazz band playing. They dressed lousy and they didn’t look very successful at all. They finished their set and they said to basically nobody “Thanks for coming, we’re the Sultans of Swing” So Mark though it was a strange name for such a nothing band that we went home wrote a song about it.
Light My Fire
Do you remember Dick Clarks American Bandstand? Well oh this very date in music history. A group went on American Bandstand and performed this hit song and it spent 3 weeks at number one on the Hot 100 in late July. A summer song from Jim Morrison and The Doors
All Along The Watchtower
Well I was inspired by something I did this weekend. My wife and I were down in Rhode Island and we went to this place called The Umbrella Factory. It was a very strange grouping of stores. There seemed to be a lot of counter culture people working there. A lot of tie dye shirts and incents, hemp clothing and Bob Marley t-shirts. All of this interesting glassware that looks like goldfish bowls with these glass tubes coming up the top. They had a lot of posters on the wall. One of them was a quote from Jimi Hendrix that said: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, that’s when the world will know peace.” He was brilliant, so I thought we would play a little Hendrix for you this morning.
Sunshine Of Your Love
We have a little fun guitar music for you today. You’ve know who Eric Clapton is, one of the greats, and he used to be with a group called cream. They had an album out called Disraeli Gears and this particular song off that album, is the only gold selling song that cream ever had in the U.S.
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