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Get Back
Today is a big day in musical history and we are going to talk about The Beatles for a second. The beatles in 1969 were really kind of splitting up. They have had it, they were sick of eachother. Well they invited Billy Preston and his electric piano to join them in a recording session hoping that if they brought somebody new in, it would stop the fighting among The Beatles. So they set everything up and they got together and they were going to try to put together a great song, which they did. On this song, John Lennon plays lead guitar which is weird because George Harrison always did it. George plays rythem guitar. Ringo is on the drums of course. Paul is playing the base and singing lead and Billy Preston is playing to organ. This song hit number one on this date in 1969.
Born To Run
Yesterday our promotions director Jamie Martel had a baby boy and his name is Gus. He weighed seven pounds, twelve ounces.Now Jamie and her husband Eric are big fans of Bruce Springsteen. Because the baby was born on Marathon Monday and they are big Bruce fans, I've decided to play Born to Run. So Congrats to Jamie Eric, big sister Jersey and new baby Gus.
Eye Of The Tiger
For those of you out at the starting line in Hopkinton, you’re getting ready and you’re getting psyched up, you need some kind of song that’s going to get you pumped up to do well in the Marathon. Well, there is only one to go with, it’s by the group Survivor. This is from the year 1982 and from the Rocky soundtrack. Time for you to get ready.
Jesus Is Just All Right
Back in the 60’s there was an American Slang term. The term was “All Right”. It was used to describe something that was considered to be cool. If it was “all right” it was cool. So today because it is Good Friday and Easter weekend is here, we are going to play the Doobie Brothers from 1972.
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