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Whole Lotta Love
Ok the results are in and the poll asked the listeners, what is the greatest guitar riff of all time. The results came in and it was a Led Zeppelin song and Jimmy Page, guitar genius. He was very flattered and he said about this song that we are going to play for you right now. He said “ I wanted a riff that would really move, that people would really get and bring a smile to their faces but, when I played it with the band, it really went into over drive”
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
Ok Phil Collins is sitting at his drum set right now. I brought in the album Invisible Touch. This is cut two from the album and as you listen to this you may get a hankering for a Michelob beer because this was the song they used in the commercials in the 80’s. So here is Genesis.
Live and Let Die
Well today we are celebrating James Bonds birthday. Yes the original and some people still say he was the best, although I think the new guy Daniel Craig is pretty good but Sean Connery was just spectacular. So today to celebrate Sean Conner’s 84th birthday, we are going to play one of the themes from one of the great James Bond movies, this is Paul McCartney.
Beach Baby
Ok we are going to go to the beach right now. I’m going to take you back to when you were laying on the beach. Matter of fact Lauren Beckham Falcone is going to go to the beach this weekend. Her bathing suit is incredible and the skirt that is attached to it is lovely. Here is First Class.
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