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Steppin' Out
We have an English artist that is going to perform for us this morning. When he was a little boy he took up the violin and it was ok but he decided he would rather play the piano. So we have Mr. Joe Jackson with us this morning. Joe had a big hit with this record and he is a big proponent of smoking. He loves cigarettes. Every time he takes a picture he has a cigarette going and he thinks all this stuff out about cigarettes is a big hoax and we should all be smoking. So why you sit there this morning light one up and enjoy the music of Joe Jackson.
Heart Of Gold
So I was down in Rhode Island over the weekend and I found a box loaded with all sorts of memorabilia from my dad’s life time. It had some income tax returns and the mortgage saying how much they paid for their first home, it was fascinating stuff! While I was in there I came across an envelope with his hand writing on the front and it said: “old gold crown”. It was actually his old gold crown tooth! So I thought we would play a little Neil Young and Heart of Gold.
This Is It
Let’s play a Grammy Award winning song for you this morning. This won for best pop vocal performance by a male singer. It is written by Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald. Michael played the keyboard and did the background vocals. What a great collaboration. Here is Kenny Loggins.
California Dreaming
Ok so here we are the three day holiday weekend is over. It’s gray, the sun isn’t out, all the leaves are falling off the trees. We have had a bad drought so all the ground is dry and the grass it just dry so everything is just over. Winter is almost here. It just sucks.
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