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Lady Madonna
We have a special song for all the women listening today. For all the women who do so much. I mean their over worked, they are exhausted and possibly a single mom listening in this morning. Paul McCartney wrote this song to pay tribute to the working class women of Liverpool many years ago. He sat down at the piano and sang this song about how remarkable you women are.
Sunny Afternoon
Ok It’s raining, it’s miserable out and it looks like we are not going to see sunshine till Sunday but if you are lucky enough to be listening to us right now, you are going to get some sunny afternoon right now. These are the Kinks and part of the British Invasion. They are from north London and this is from the LP Face To Face.
Pinball Wizard
It was in London on this very day the movie Tommy premiered. So I thought because we are celebrating that great moment we should play one f the great songs from the rock opera Tommy. This is The Who.
Free Fallin'
I brought in my Full Moon Fever album. This was Tom Petty’s first solo album when he left the Heart Breakers. We are going to drop the needle on cut one. Rolling Stone Magazine rated it number 177 on the 500 greatest songs of all time.
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