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Jesus Is Just All Right
Back in the 60’s there was an American Slang term. The term was “All Right”. It was used to describe something that was considered to be cool. If it was “all right” it was cool. So today because it is Good Friday and Easter weekend is here, we are going to play the Doobie Brothers from 1972.
Sky High
Today is a very big day in American history because today is the day that the Ford Mustang was born. It is the 50th anniversary. It was 1964 and they made 418,812 and sold them all the first year. The starting price was $2,368. This was actually quite a bit of money back then. Lee Iacocca was actually the guy that was the God Father of the Mustang. Well, he took a mustang to New York and completely disassembled it, put it on the elevator to the Empire State Building and took it all the way to the observation deck and assembled it back together and put it on display up there. They did the same thing this year with the 2015 Mustang. So I thought today I would play this song called Sky High.
Get Together
One Year ago today the bombs exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon which was horrible. I don’t even like watching it and they keep showing it but every time it goes off it is very disturbing. But the thing that was amazing was how everyone rushed into help. Even now, twelve months later the wounds are very raw and you will see this through all the events happening. The thing that makes Boston so special through all this past year is how we have all come together and how we have all given our support to these people who were horribly maimed both physically and mentally from this event. So today we are going to play a song for everyone today. This is the group The Young Bloods from the late 1960’s and it’s all about coming together.
Eye In The Sky
So we are going to take you over to Great Britain and there is a place there that records music called Abby Road Studios. There was an engineer that worked there and his name was Alan Parsons and he worked on The Beatles Let It Be sessions and the Abby Road sessions. Then he met a couple of musicians while working there and he started this group called The Alan Parsons Project. In 1982 they had this huge hit! These are the Brits invading America again.
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