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Lotta Love
We are going to feature a woman who worked in a record store in San Francisco and she liked to sing. She would be working around the store and she would be humming and somebody heard her and said hey you should have a hit record. Her name is Nicolette Larson. This song was written by Neil Young, he had a version of it but it never really went up the charts very far but when Nicolette did it, it became a huge hit.
Tell Me Why
Today I brought in my motion picture sound track to A Hard Day’s Night. The Beatles Recorded this in the summer time. There is a three part harmony with Paul, George and John and they did this song in just eight takes.
The Time Has Come Today
You know what we need? We need more cowbells. This sound was created by striking alternate cowbells and running it though a reverberation system. With it The Chambers Brothers created this hit song.
Rocky Mountain Way
So Daryl Hall has a show on TV and it’s called Daryl’s House. This weekend they replayed a show that they did two years ago with the great Joe Walsh. I say great and I don’t use that term loosely, because when Rolling Stone created the list of the top 100 guitar players of all time, Joe came in rated at number 54. We are going to play a song from Joe which is great. He was out on his mowing tractor, mowing the lawn out in Colorado and he thought of these lyrics and he jumped off the tractor because he didn’t want to forget the lyrics and ran in the house, well he forgot that the tractor was going and it drove right into the neighbor’s garden but at least he came away with this song.
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