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Long Train Running
It is a very big day here in the city because today is customer appreciation day for the T. They are giving us all free rides. So we are going to play a song for the T today. These are the Doobie Brothers.
Love Her Madly
Today we are celebrating the selection of Sandra Bullock as People’s 2015 Worlds Most Beautiful Woman. I fell in love with Sandra Bullock myself when the movie Speed came out. Remember that? Where she was on the bus with Keanu Reeves and it was just crazy! It was a really great movie. After that she became America’s Sweetheart. So we thought we would play this song by The Doors from the album LA Woman. Here is lead singer Jim Morrison with a great song for Sandra Bullock.
Smoke From A Distant Fire
We are all excited because today is Earth Day and we are all very conscious of the environment and trying to make things better. It wasn’t that long ago that you would be driving down the express way and seeing smoke stacks billowing black disgusting smoke. There were coal fired stoves and the big diesel trucks and the buses. That has all changed now but there are still places like China that have horrible situations and that’s why you can still see smoke in the air from distant fires. So we are going to play this song from the Sanford Townsend Band for those countries who are not doing what we are doing.
These Eyes
You know I have a very special place in my heart for Canada. No really my people are from up in Canada and every once in a while a group from Canada will have a hit song here in America. We are going to play one of those hit songs for you this morning. This is the group The Guess Who from the album Wheatfield Soul. It’s Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings. They co-wrote this song and Randy is the lead guitarist while Burton is the lead singer.
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