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Positively 4th Street
So several years ago Bob Dylan is performing in England and he is not feeling well, he is feeling sick to his stomach. He was having all kinds of problems in the bathroom. So they had to take him to the hospital and he happened to be in the section of England called Paddington. So the only hospital nearby was a hospital for burn victims and everyone in there is naked because they can’t let the sheets or anything touch them. So they are all naked in the hospital, Bob Dylan comes in and he’s naked, they were all naked and that is where the term “ Paddington Bear” came from because they were all bare. So we are going to play some Dylan for you this morning and we got him dressed just for this performance.
Lotta Love
It’s a long holiday weekend and it’s all about getting in the car and having the kind of music on that when you have the windows down and you’re cruising around it just all blends together. So this is is one of those songs and it’s by Nicolette Larson. This song was written by Neil Young believe it or not. This is a great cruising song so if you are on the way to the Cape, let’s turn up that radio!
Ok this group we are going to play for you right now were from a suburb just outside of Chicago. They were a four piece band and they were signed by Warner Brothers Records. There song became the fastest selling single in Warner Brothers Records history. This song was a huge hit for The Ides of March.
Make Me Smile
How about a horrible story this morning? Things are just too nice out there. It was forty-six years ago today that Peter Cetera who played in the group Chicago, wanted to go to a Cubs game in Dodger Stadium. So he goes to the game with a couple of friends all decked out in their Cubs gear and well that wasn’t a good idea. There were four Marines there that we Dodgers fans and they beat up Peter Cetera. They broke his jaw in three places, he ended up in intensive care and it was a nightmare for the poor guy. Well he healed up and he came back with his brothers in music and he created one of the greatest songs of all time.
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