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Mrs. Robinson
Today is the anniversary of an amazing event in Central Park in New York. The parks department there was in financial trouble and they need to raise money. So a couple of little boys who met when they were in the 6th grade in Queens, New York and they starred in the play Alice in Wonderland at the Elementary School. They realized, hey we both know how to sing, so why don’t we start a group. So we are going to play one of their big hits and they got together and performed free in Central Park on this date way back when to help raise money for New York Central Park. From the motion picture The Graduate, here is Simon & Garfunkel.
R.O.C.K in the U.S.A
Today we have John Mellencamp’s triube to all the rock and roll stars that started it all off.
Black Magic Woman
Did you have an album cover where you were just fascinated by the art work and you would stare at it and try to figure out what was happening there? The album that was like that for me was an album called an album called Abraxas and it by the great group Santana. So I brought it in today and I am staring at it right now. Wow man, what does this all mean! This is Carlos Santana, a great guitarist.
I'd Love To Change The World.
Okay dude. We are just here enjoying the music. Separating the seeds and this this the group Ten Years After. If you like to play the air guitar this is a good one with Alvin Lee playing lead guitar. Check it out.
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