Wally Brine

Wally Brine – My Story!

(No names have been changed – no one is being protected)

I was born in Providence, Rhode Island during the great blizzard of 1949!

My Dad, Salty and Mom, Mickey, lived in an apartment in the transmitter building of WPRO – Radio.

For the first two years of my life there was a huge radio tower outside my bedroom window bombarding my little frail pink body with 50,000 watts of power. My Mother wrote in my “Baby Book” that I had a lot of diarrhea, Gee, I wonder why??

Anyway, after that we settled in Cranston, Rhode Island and my Dad’s radio career really took off. His top rated morning show on WPRO lasted for over 50 years and included a 12 year run hosting a kid’s TV show called “Salty Brine’s Shack” on Channel 12. He played a sea captain and showed cartoons.

I guess it only makes sense that I would gravitate toward the business since I was exposed to it everyday from nursery school though High School.

Once my bowel problems cleared up I got my first part time radio job in 1968 at WPRO-FM (I knew somebody). Then it continued in Maine when I attended St. Francis College and worked at WGAN in Portland. My first rock radio job came along when I landed a position at the flagship station of the “Lobster Network” WLOB in 1973. No really. It’s a real station.

My Maine career ended with a 6 year run at WJBQ-FM in Portland where I hosted a morning show and started a family. Son #1 was born in 1980 (Salty, named after his grandfather) and he now works for a division of NYU in Manhattan. 

In 1981 my big break came when Boston’s WVBF called and I came to the “Big City”. The first year I did the afternoon show but by 1982 the company decided to team me up with Loren Owens who had been hired to do mornings. That’s when “The Loren & Wally Show” was born, oh and so was my second son, Chuckie. 

Chuckie or Chuck as he prefers to be called is pursuing a culinary arts career in Charlotte, North Carolina. He makes a killer pizza.

Now as we close in on 30 years of “The Loren & Wally Show” life couldn’t be better. I’m married to Jodi Winchester a real estate agent in Lexington who is the love of my life. She’s trying to keep me healthy by feeding me all that organic stuff but fried clams, ribs and steak & cheese subs somehow fall onto the hood of my car while I’m driving home. God is good!

Besides food, which we both love – we’re into movies, travel, boating and triathlons.  At the triathlons I usually ride my motorcycle; I find it a little easier. Oh yeah and recently I started collecting pocket watches. Did you know that Waltham, Mass used to have a huge watch manufacturing company called “American Waltham Watch Co.” and Abraham Lincoln was the first president to own a Waltham pocket watch? I know, you want to hang around with me now, don’t you?

Well, thanks for listening to our show. Getting to work with Loren, Tom, Sue, Hank, Brian and PJ is a ton of fun.

We really have a blast everyday and we appreciate you being there with us.

See you at the next Iron Man event!

Take Care,