Tom Doyle

Name: Tom Doyle- People call me…often.

Position- "Long-time Boston radio funnyman."

Mornings with Loren and Wally

History- Hated it!! Oh…mine? After graduating from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting…classes that began in October had me on the air at WAAB then WAAF in Worcester. I’ve always had the knack for doing "voices" and character impressions, as well as singing, so I parlayed that into the career I now have. Thrilling eh?

I’ve acted and sung in numerous shows and commercials, as I am very very talented. In fact that is one of about 300 "Townie Tunes" that can be heard almost anytime at WROR.

Hobbies- Golf. (both real and Wii) I’m much better at Wii. Love to read! Other than that, I shouldn’t tell you.

Family- The very patient wife Sheila, and my 3 children Kyla, T.J. and Molly. They’re all very talented in their own ways and they’re spoiled (But lots of kids smell like that).

References- Upon request. Call me sometime. I always use protection.