Loren Owens

 Name:  Loren Owens
Address:  105.7 WROR
Vitals:  S/W/M 6'1" - 170lbs - Eyes: Brown - Hair: Very Little
Hobbies:  Skiing - Biking - Golfing - Travel - Long Walks on Moonlit Beaches while Munching on Vast Quantities of Bacon
Favorite Foods:  Pizza, Steak, Burgers... All with Bacon
Family:  Two Sons - Evan & Andy, both currently enrolled in the Witness Protection Program
Born and reared in Indiana.  Degree in Biological Science from Indiana State University preparing for a career in medicine; however found a part-time job in radio during college and decided to give it a try.  Loren's early radio career was interrupted by the Vietnam War with a couple of years in the Marine Corps.  At the end of his military service he was offered the job as Commandant of the Marine Corps, but decided to pass on that to return to his first love... Radio!  In 1981 Loren moved to Boston to host a morning show at 105.7 FM and teamed up with Wally Brine, who also liked bacon and soon became his best friend and radio partner... And that's the way it happened.  Stay tuned!