Julie Devereaux

Julie DevereauxHop in! no seatbelt necessary; 3 D glasses optional; ayahuasca?....oooo, dig deep; suitable questions include, but are not limited to: where the hell was I? who am I? and most importantly: why.  An optimist might scream “why not!”.  Am I rooted in optimism? are we? The rain continues to fall. The planet knows what she’s doing,  I believe we do, too. Is it really just about having fun and respecting boundaries?  How many mistakes have I made? How many things would I do differently if I had the chance? Not a one. It all got me here and baby, here’s all I really have….this moment…..right now….right here……right now…..right here….right now……right here….right now….can ya hear me now?

over 50 things you probably never wanted to know about julie devereaux

 over 25 years on Boston radio

 hates her picture taken

 won a twist contest at age 6

 Keith Richards kissed her hand in a bar in Barbados

 interviewed Paul McCartney

 only seafood she eats is raw oysters and her own homemade tuna sandwiches

 learned to swim when she was 17

 met the Liverpool 5 when she was a little girl living in Spokane, Washington

 loves to dance and does so most every day

 spent a few years of her childhood in Wichita, Kansas

 thinks feet tell a lot about a person…and loves hers tickled

 got carried across the Paradise stage by Chris Isaak

 danced on stage with Chuck Berry in NY & Boston

 danced on stage with Santana at Great Woods

 saw Springsteen at a gymnasium in Maine in 1976

 saw Aerosmith at UNH in 1973? 74?

 saw the Cars at the Rat

 owned a '57 Chevy

 hitchhiked across country back in the 70's

 finished close to last in the 2004 Boston Marathon

 loves the smell of fresh cut grass, horses and the ocean

 loves lilacs

 knows how to drive a standard

 spoke to the Dali Lama

 got a tattoo from a guy named Lumpy in New Jersey in 1977

 hasn't had cable for over ten years

 went to England three times, twice to see the Crop Circles

 went to Germany to see Alvin Lee

 met Jimi Hendrix's dad and sister

 loves thunder storms

 is in bed most nights by 8:30

 kissed John Lee Hooker on the cheek

 bungee jumped in Montreal

 eats dessert most everyday

 loves animals and often dreams of owning a farm

 loves to travel

 went on an awesome trip to Liverpool

 loves to do most anything outdoors

 not a fan of the sweet potato…yet

 sucks at some things but does them anyway (playing guitar, rollerblading, horseback riding)

 LOVES badminton

 loves shoes but goes barefoot most of the time

 watches 60 Minutes most every Sunday night

 will die before she reads all the books she has

still has her original record collection, 45's & lp's and still adds to it every now and then

was at the infamous Who show at the garden when Keith Moon fell off his drum stool

once crawled under a cruiser on a beach in Florida and let the air out of a tire (sober young and stupid)

once took a neighbor's horse for a 3am joy ride (not sober….but still young and stupid)

likes to turn her stereo to 11

once mooned a guy in the car next to her; her friend was mortified

loves radio

loves her kids more than anything