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A Slice of Lawn
Posted 6/6/2012 9:31:00 AM

If you’ve been watching the video blogs that Lungboy and I have been doing, you’ll know that one of the latest is about lawn care. One piece of equipment we mentioned was a slice seeder. Driving home from the studio, I realized that I’ve never tried using one. After five years of dog abuse, my lawn could certainly use some extra oomph. It would be a good teaching moment, I thought.

Slice seeders will cost you around $50 for a half-day rental - well worth it if your lawn is thin or has many bare spots. These (not so) little beauties do just as their name implies. They have a set of knives that cut grooves into your soil. A hopper on the back of the machine holds the grass seed, which drops into the newly cut grooves as you go. It’s good to make two or even three passes over an area to get a good amount of seed planted. Up and back, side to side and diagonally will also limit the noticeable lines of grass growing if you made only one pass. Slice seeders can be tough to wrangle. If trying to control a core aerator is akin to walking a brama bull on a leash, then the slice seeder would be similar to managing Marmaduke. It can be a little startling when you drop the machine into the soil and you engage the drive mechanism for the first time. There is a certain amount of “just hang on” to it, but soon you’ll get the hang of it and your newly improved lawn will thank you…after 14-21 days of germination.

Posted By: Larry Egan  

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