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  • Hank Morse

    WROR On-Air Personality

    The chubby kid from Medford joined the Loren and Wally morning mayhem in January 1999 and has been riding their coat tails ever since.

    “What’s wrong with that?” he asks.

    Hank surveys and reports the traffic trials and tribulations from Methuen to Montvale Ave. and right on down to the Mt. Vernon; from Plymouth out to the Pike and right up into Peabody. You need it… he’s got it.


Don't let weight loss failure get you down

I guess you'd have to say I'm a complete failure when it comes to weight loss, although I have had some successes along the way. I'm TRYING AGAIN at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning! If you have tried and failed and are feeling a little dejected, read about Abe Lincoln's failures before he became one of our greatest presidents ever! It gives me hope! Read more...

Turn negative trait into a strength

Being an impulsive person certainly has its drawbacks, especially when it comes to eating, in my case. But, as I try and battle my way back again to better fitness, I’m trying to positively embrace some of my traits that can cause failure. Read more...

Preparing for successful holiday eating

GETTING READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!! Go shopping at any mall, shopping center or even on-line and there it is: Christmas and the holidays. Holidays are steeped in traditions surrounding food. Halloween kicks off the gluttonous 62 day stretch between October 31 and New Year's Eve. Read more...

Train your taste buds for better eating!

Ever wonder why, when you are doing really well with healthy eating, that you get just as much pleasure from a great salad, vegetables and chicken as you do from something sweet? Read more...

To go or not to go and workout!

I’m 47 years old and have spend 40 years with a weight problem. I’ve had varied degrees of success losing weight, but I’ve always managed to put it back on. I AM that broken record that always keeps playing. It always skips at the same spot. I know that “I skip”, yet I always hold onto that same, old record. I NEED to find a way to go “digital”, or get rid of the “broken record” that is my weight struggle. Read more...

Sleep off the pounds!

Hi folks! Hope summer was great to you and your pants that fit in April still fit now! Mine don’t! Read more...