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Asia, Bachman, Hornsby & More!

Asia, Randy Bachman and Bruce Hornsby highlight this week’s new classic rock releases.

Ian Anderson, "Thick as a Brick -- Live in Iceland"
Ian Anderson
, "Thick as a Brick -- Live in Iceland" (Eagle Rock): CD and DVD packages capturing the Jethro Tull frontman and his band's recreation of the two "Thick" albums during a 2012 stop in Rekjavik

Asia, "High Voltage"
, "High Voltage" (Frontiers): This DVD captures the prog rock supergroup's original lineup -- which since-departed Steve Howe -- live at the 2010 High Voltage Festival in the U.K, including a complete performance of its self-titled 1982 debut album.

Randy Bachman, "Vinyl Tap Tour: Every Song Tells a Story"
Randy Bachman
, "Vinyl Tap Tour: Every Song Tells a Story" (Fairpoint/Paquin): The Guess Who and BTO principal plays storyteller on this live set, going through career favorites with plenty of insight and revelatory details.

Bruce Hornsby, "Solo Concerts"
Bruce Hornsby
, "Solo Concerts" (Vanguard): The fact that Hornsby's a) such a good songwriter and b) such an outstanding pianist makes this compendium of one-man performances near-essential.

Phil Rudd, "Head Job"
Phil Rudd
, "Head Job": The AC/DC drummer's first solo album, out in Australia and available via import, gives us something to listen to while we're waiting for the group's next album later this year or, more likely, in 2015.