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Top 5 Left-Handed Guitarists

Today is National Left Handers Day, so to celebrate, grab some left handed scissors and cut your way through our top five left handed guitarists:

5. Elliot Easton 

The lead guitarist of The Cars has been jamming out since the 70’s and has been playing left handed the whole time. Easton makes the list for more than just being awesome at guitar; he also played a huge part in getting The Cars to reunite after decades of being broken up.

4. Tony Iommi 

The man who helped Black Sabbath become the fathers of heavy metal, Iommi not only pioneered a style that would dominate rock music for four decades, he also continues to rock out with Black Sabbath all these years later. Besides, who doesn’t love the riff from “Iron Man”?

3. Paul McCartney

Although McCartney is given credit as a songwriter and a composer more than as a guitarist, you can never forget how good at guitar he actually is. McCartney not only wrote many of the guitar pieces for the Beatles, but also has used the guitar quite a bit throughout his immensely successful solo career.

2. Dick Dale

The King of Surf Guitar was the first of many surf guitarists to come throughout the rest of the century. Not only a pioneer for rock music, he also inspired the great guitarists that would found heavy metal along with people like Eddie Van Halen, Slash, and the top guitarist on our list.

1. Jimi Hendrix 

To no one’s surprise, Hendrix tops our list for being a lefty, being an innovator, and for simply being the greatest. Not just the greatest left handed guitarist, but the greatest to ever strap on a guitar. He could play the guitar with his teeth, behind his head, and some say he could even play it while it was strung backwards and never miss a note.