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Kickstarter Launched For Terry Kath Documentary

The daughter of Terry Kath has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary about Chicago's late founding guitarist.

Michelle Sinclair, a radio DJ in Los Angeles, was two years old when her father accidentally shot himself in 1978 with a pistol he thought was unloaded. She's already interviewed her mother, several of Chicago's members and Joe Walsh for the documentary, titled "Searching For Terry: The Man Behind the Guitar," which she hopes to complete in time to debut during 2014.

Sinclair's goal is $40,000, of which more than half has already been raised. She's posted a message at the Kickstarter page featuring footage as well as an explanation of the project. Chicago keyboardist Robert Lamm tells us how important Kath was, and remains, for the band:

"I am constantly in negotiation with the rest of the guys in the band nowadays to try to readopt the attitudes that the original band had that Terry was such a driving force in. It's really tough. I miss him so much on that level because of his energy, his ideas and his originality. It's just a component that you cannot replace and we have not been able to replace, as good as we are...It was kind of useful arrogance and recklessness that is an essential part of rock 'n' roll. I mean, even though we're viewed as a jazz-rock band, we were a rock 'n' roll band with horns, and that attitude is what Terry had and that attitude is what we fed off of as a unit."

Chicago is currently on the road with REO Speedwagon, with dates slated through September 9 and more headlining dates in California afterwards.