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Sir Paul Releases Nostalgic Video For “Early Days”

The new video to “Early Days,” the most recent single off Paul McCartney’s most recent album “NEW,” is a touching homage to the beginnings of the legendary Lennon-McCartney partnership in the 50s, albeit abstractly. 

The video is set in the American South and features a growing musical friendship between first two, then three, then four kids, culminating in a blues show (featuring Johnny Depp in cameo in the background). 

The director of the video, Vincent Haycock, commented “The universality of their story was a big inspiration of setting the film in Mississippi during the 50s. This is a time period that inspired The Beatles – American Rock and Roll and the Mississippi Delta Blues of the 50s. ‘Early Days’ is about the spirit and inspiration young musicians find in each other.”

This footage is contrasted with McCartney himself singing, alone in a dark room, which, when you consider he’s singing in large part about working with Lennon when they were just teenagers, it makes you choke up a bit.