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Steve Perry Makes Surprise Appearance At D.C. Eels Show

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 26: Singer Steve Perry attends the screening of 'Five' at Skylight SOHO on September 26, 2011 in New York City.
Steve Perry
's done it again.

The former Journey frontman made a second appearance with modern rockers Eels on Saturday (May 31) at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, D.C., again singing the group's "It's a Motherf***er" and Journey's "Open Arms" and "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' " and adding Sam Cooke's "Only Sixteen" to the mix. (Video of the performance is embedded below.)

Perry, who's been a longtime fan of Eeels, initially joined the group May 25 in St. Paul for his first live concert performance in 19 years. Perry has commented that getting back on stage "wasn't about a reunion with Journey. There is no reunion. I was just having fun...In a world where it's hard to keep a secret, it felt so much fun to walk out there to an unsuspecting crowd...I hadn't experienced that kind of emotion in quite a while. It was beyond exhilarating. I was so grateful that they were so loving and happy to see me. I was just as happy to see them. I had forgotten how much I missed it."

Conspicuously absent from these two appearances, of course, has been Journey's anthem "Don`t Stop Believin'," but Eels frontman Mark Oliver Everett tells us that "you don't want to blow your wad all at once, just like that. You don't want to go straight to 'Don't Stop Believin'.' Come on!"

Perry has said he`s writing and recording new material but does not have specific plans yet to make a new album.