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Police/Sting Covers Album Benefitting Rock Against Trafficking Features All-Star Lineup


Steven Tyler, Heart, Julian Lennon and members of Journey have all contributed covers of Police and Sting songs for "Set Them Free," a new all-star benefit for Rock Against Trafficking (R.A.T.), a nonprofit dedicated to fighting global slavery.

Former Free bassist Andy Fraser, Deep Purple/Black Sabbath/Trapeze alumnus Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa are also part of the set, whose release date and track list will be announced soon. A concert during September in the U.K. has also been discussed according to Journey's Neal Schon, who recorded a version of the Police's "Synchronicity II" for the set with singer Arnel Pineda.

Schon tells us that,

Neil Schon on the Police/Sting covers charity album "Set Them Free" by GMI Rock News

"This is for a really good cause...It's for child slavery, and really it's a bunch of artists that are uniting...all kinds of people. They're picking a Police song or a Sting song to re-do, and there's supposed to be some festival in the U.K. in September and all these different versions of the songs will be on the album and hopefully a live show that will probably be filmed for the benefit. I did 'Synchronicity' with Arnel and it sounds like it was just jamming. We absolutely messed with the arrangement a bit in the middle, so I had some space to play and I had some fun with it."

R.A.T. was founded by music producer Gary Miller, who's also producing the album; in a statement, Miller said that "27 million people are slaves today. 80 percent of trafficking victims are women and girls. Fifty percent are minors, and every year two million children are exploited in the global sex trade. We are joining together in a solid commitment through music to make a difference."

R.A.T.'s Director of Public Relations John Schayer added, "It is our goal to unite people around the world to join us in this heartfelt effort to stop child trafficking and send the children home."