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Styx, Foreigner & Felder Releasing Compilation Album May 6th

, Foreigner and Don Felder have announced a May 6 release date for the companion album to their The Soundtrack of Summer tour, which will feature 16 Styx and Foreigner hits and a new version of "Hotel California," which Felder co-wrote, by all three acts.

Physical CDs will be available exclusively at Wal-Mart, while the iTunes and vinyl editions of the album will also feature a fresh take on Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" recorded by the three. Those pre-ordering the album will receive a special autographed booklet.

Foreigner's Mick Jones told us that he enjoyed taking on "Hotel California" with his tourmates:

Well, it was great. I walked in...and everybody was there,sitting on stools, and Tommy (Shaw) from Styx and Lawrence (Gowan) on the keyboards, on the piano and Don Felder on the guitar and three of our it was kind of an awesome lineup. It sounded great...It was interesting...and it was quite a laugh. We had fun...It's a brilliant song. I think it's one of their best songs ever; it may be THE best song. It's a great song. It's very simple, but it's very...I think it really paints a picture, y'know? And it was a lot of fun playing it."

The Sounds of Summer tour begins May 16 in Oklahoma City. The full tracklist for "The Sounds of Summer" album includes:

1. ‘Feels Like the First Time’
2. ‘Cold as Ice’
3. ‘Hot Blooded’
4. ‘Double Vision’
5. ‘Urgent’
6. ‘Waiting for a Girl Like You’
7. ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’
8. ‘Juke Box Hero’
9. ‘The Grand Illusion’
10. ‘Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)’
11. ‘Lorelei’
12. ‘Crystal Ball’
13. ‘Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)’
14. ‘Miss America’
15. ‘Renegade’
16. ‘Too Much Time on My Hands’
17. ‘Hotel California’ (with Don Felder)
18. ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’ (with Styx and Don Felder)*

* iTunes and vinyl bonus track