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Top 5 Classic Rock Stratocaster Users

In honor of its patent anniversary, we’re going to dive into the guitar that has changed the world, the Fender Stratocaster. As the most iconic rock guitar of all time, there have been a ton of musicians who have shaped the world with not only their guitar skills, but with the help of this legendary guitar. Here are our five of our favorite Classic Rock Strat users:

Eric Clapton

There’s no question about this legend being on the list. As a 17-time Grammy winner and e-time inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, his guitar skills are legendary! Although he started with other guitars, he ended up being one of the most devout users of the Stratocaster!

Dave Gilmour

Dave and the rest of Pink Floyd certainly had a sound all their own. As the pioneers of psychedelic rock, the tone they had was driven by Gilmour. Not only was Gilmour a masterful guitar player, his ability to use his Strat to create new and immersive sends definitely earned him a spot on this list!

Jimi Hendrix

Where would the rock world be without Jimi? It’s a question that we all don’t even want to think about. Jimi is the man who become iconic for his unique Strat style by playing the guitar strung in reverse and upside down (since he was left handed). The tone he had shaped rock for years to come, and it’s all thanks to his Strat!

Dave Murray

As one of the forerunners for metal, Iron Maiden were no slouches when it came to their guitar tone. At any of their shows you were guaranteed to see at least one of their guitarists with a Strat in hand. Through the years Dave Murray and the rest of Iron Maiden has been faithful to this epic guitar!

Ritchie Blackmore

Ritchie is one of the most iconic rockers of the new age and has had an incredible influence on rock and metal since he began playing. He can certainly appreciate the tone he has coming out of his Strat! As an avid user of the Strat since the 70’s, it’s easy to see why he has made the list!