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Top 5 Classic Rock Songs At Sporting Events

In honor of Opening Day week in Major League Baseball, we will be taking a look at those classic tracks that get played at sporting events! Although the songs may have been written decades ago, they certainly can’t be replaced on the playing field! Here are our five favorites:

1.  "We Will Rock You"

Played at almost every single sporting event since it came out, “We Will Rock You” will forever be the go-to anthem across every single sport. Freddy Mercury and the rest of Queen will certainly keep rocking you in this anthem of anthems!

2.  "Eye of the Tiger"

Made famous in Rocky III, “Eye of the Tiger” has become an unforgettable track for when a team is trying to come back to win the game. Survivor has united sports fans across the world under this epic sports tune for generations to come!

3.  "Rock and Roll, Part II"

We don’t know if Gary Glitter knew this song would catch on at sporting events as much as it has, but EVERYONE has undoubtedly heard “The ‘Hey!’ Song” at some point during a big game.  Plus, it helps that everyone knows the words.

4.  "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye"

A universal hit across the sports realm, Steam’s “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” is that perfect song for when a player or coach is ejected from a game or for when a team knocks their opponent out of a tournament or the playoffs.

5.  "Centerfield"

From the clapping intro to the chorus, nothing quite says “Opening Day” like John Fogerty’s “Centerfield”.  If you close your eyes when listening to this song, you can’t help but visualize the lush, green grass of the outfield and smell the aroma of fresh roasting peanuts.