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Makers of “Ozzy Ale” Receive Cease & Desist Letter From Prince of Darkness


A Baltimore brewer won’t be flying high again off the sales of their Ozzy Osbourne-inspired beer, as they were recently served with a cease and desist order by Ozzy’s representatives, according to Baltimore’s City Paper.

Made by The Brewer’s Art, Ozzy Ale is a Belgian pale ale that is housed in a can adorned with bats (some headless) and Ozzy’s well-known tattooed fist.   The beer, according to its makers, “is all too easy to consume in large quantities.”

While this isn’t the first time a well-known rock act inspired a beer (we’re looking at you, Trooper Ale), we imagine Ozzy wasn’t receiving any cut from sales or was even asked his permission to use his name and tattooed fist.  Plus, when you consider Ozzy is being honored at this year’s MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit Concert, maybe he just doesn’t want to be associated with alcohol, period.

Gotta admit, though…that can is pretty cool!  We’re sure eBay will be inundated with them soon.