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Journey Drama Update


The Journey drama took another turn over the weekend, this time with current singer Arnel Pineda jumping into the fray.

Responding to rumors that Filipino frontman wanted out of his contract with the band early, Pineda issued a statement saying that, "I am as happy to be in Journey today as I was when I first joined the group. Net to my family in Manila, Journey is my family...I wish whoever is making up these lies would put their time to good use and stop spreading these false stories."

Pineda added that he's "busy preparing" for Journey's tour with the Steve Miller Band and Tower of Power, which begins May 15 in Chula Vista, Calif.

Guitarist Neal Schon, who discovered Pineda singing Journey songs on YouTube during the mid-00s, had previously denied the rumors, which sprung up in the wake of recent comments made by former Journey singer Steve Perry about possibly reuniting with the band -- which were, in turn, denied by Journey's management.

Pineda, meanwhile, told us previously that he fully respect the role Perry played in Journey's success, both creatively and commercially:

"It's because of the positivity of their songs and the soaring voice of Steve Perry with that...It's just perfect chemistry between Neal, Jonathan (Cain) and Steve's voice. So it's just magic."

Journey has recorded two albums with Pineda -- "Revelation" in 2008 and "Eclipse" in 2011.