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No Journey Reunion In The Works



Scratch those hopes for a Journey reunion with Steve Perry -- at least for the moment.

Despite recent conciliatory comments by Perry that indicated a thawing of his relationship with the band, and particularly guitar Neal Schon, Journey's management has said no reunion plans have been discussed, telling that there are "No reunion plans. All is well in the Journey camp.

Big tour in the US this summer -- Journey/Steve Miller and Tower of Power."

Perry recently made comments to Artisan News saying that he and Schon are "trying" to work together and that Perry is "doing my best in that area."

Journey is, of course, currently fronted by Arnel Pineda, who Schon discovered via YouTube, singing Journey songs in the Philippines.

The group has recorded two albums with Pineda -- "Revelation" in 2008 and "Eclipse" in 2011" -- but keyboardist/guitarist Jonathan Cain tells us that the specter of Steve Perry still looms large over anything the Journey does:

"It's hard when you bring a new guy in to get that sort of commitment at radio, 'cause it's not Steve Perry. 'This is the new guy, why should we play this?' ' 'Cause it sounds like Journey, that's why!' We got a good buzz during the 'Revelation' campaign...So there's signs of it. But it's got to be undeniably sounding like Journey. It can't be sounding like some heavy version of Journey. They're just not gonna go for it."

The 39-date Journey/Steve Miller/Tower of Power tour kicks off May 15 in Chula Vista, Calif.