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Top 5 Crazy Classic Rock Moments of 2013

2013 brought us many great stories in Classic Rock including Mick Taylor joining the Rolling Stones on stage during the Hyde Park Concert to KISS finally getting the nod and joining the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Of course 2013 also brought us plenty of news stories that made us simply look at each other and say “WTH?”

Here are a few of the Classic Rock stories that made us laugh, cry and scream “It’s better than CATS!  I'd read it again and again.”  Enjoy.

1.   Ozzy’s Burnin’ Down The House

Who knew that making a bacon sandwich could be so dangerous?  In August, Sharon Osborne let us all in on the excitement that happens when she’s out of town with one tweet.   It seems the fire department made an appearance after Ozzy’s try at making a bacon sandwich went up in smoke…literally.

2.   Holy Holograms Batman!

Having just seen the “Michael Jackson ONE ” Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas, I can attest that performing holograms of celebrities who have passed on are pretty awesome.  Earlier this year, Jason Bonham told Legendary Rock Interviews that he’s “talking to people about holograms and my dream is to do the hologram drum solo with dad next to me.” 

Then in October we learned that the Music Hall of Fame in London will soon give fans the chance to see or jam with Classic Rockers who have gone on to the big concert in the sky, including Jimi Hendrix and Freddie Mercury.  Can a Disney Rock & Roll Hologram Experience ride be far behind?


Zoinks! Classic Rockers Invade Animation

That’s right Shaggy...Classic Rockers made their mark in cartoons on the big and small screen in 2013.  Cartoon Network announced that Ringo Starr will take off his conductors cap and become Fibonacci Sequins, a flamboyant mathematician in the upcoming Powerpuff Girls special.

In 2013 we also learned that Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler can now also be referred to as the “wise old man from the forest.”  Ok, maybe not Tyler himself, rather the character Nim he voiced in the animated film EPIC.  Not to give away a spoiler if you haven’t seen EPIC, but yes, the wise old man from the forest does in fact sing.  I know, hard to believe. 

Next came the news that The Hub Network optioned the rights to a new series, "KISS Hello Kitty.”  You guessed it…the cartoon will feature the four KISS x Hello Kitty characters living their rock 'n' roll dreams and bringing pink anarchy to every situation they are in.  True to his entrepreneurial ways, Gene Simmons will be one of the executive producers.

Hair-Raising Moments

Like many Mom's, mine did save a lock of hair from when I was a baby and it’s in a scrapbook somewhere in her basement.  Actually, I’m not sure I want it in my house, let alone a lock of anyone else’s hair for that matter.   That’s why the stories about hair from famous Rockers that made news this year are simply odd…at least to me. 

First we have some of Mick Jagger luscious locks, circa sometime in the ‘60s that went up for auction. 

The auction house’s website shares that Jagger's locks are “in a paper envelope inscribed Mick Jagger's hair after being washed + trimmed by Chris at Rose Hill Farm.” 

Perhaps being “washed” may have helped drive the bidding...this unusual item sold for $ 6,591.

It’s rarely pleasant when a couple splits.  This year Dan Auerbach and his wife divorced and he seems to have parted with some treasures.  TMZ reported that, not only did Auerbach give up a house and millions of dollars, but he also had to part ways with some of “Bob Dylan’s Hair.”   So sad…on so many levels.



5.   Marriage Made in Rock & Roll Reality

File this last story under Surreal Tales From Classic Rock.  

In December, Journey founder and lead guitarist Neal Schon shared his marriage to reality TV housewife Michaele Salahi with the world…for only $14.95. 

Don’t worry if you missed the blessed event, you can still stream theirWinter Wonderland and Wedding” at the site  

According to the website, this was “The celebrity wedding event of the year, complete with amazing live music, takes place at the famed Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Neal Schon will wed Michaele Salahi live in front of their all-star guests. Current music lineup includes Journey, Tower of Power, and surprise special guests.”   I know what I’ll be watching on Super Bowl Sunday!