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Rod Stewart's Plan for 2015 Faces Reunion to Clash with Small Faces Anniversary


Rod Stewart's
suggestion for a Faces reunion in 2015 has hit a snag -- from the group's predecessor, the Small Faces.

That year will mark the 50th anniversary of the Small Faces, and keyboardist Ian McLagen tell us that he and drummer Kenney Jones, the group's other surviving member, have plans to commemorate it:

"I know what I'd like to do...What I want to do is play a few shows with Kenney and some special guests. I mean, there's plenty of fans of the Small Faces that we know of, and I want to see if they'll come out and play."

McLagen, Jones and guitarist Ronnie Wood have been playing Faces shows since 2009, with Simply Red's Mick Hucknall standing in for Stewart, who's been unavailable; the troupe has started including the Small Faces' "Tin Soldier" and "All or Nothing" in its shows as well.

McLagen says that Stewart's recent comments about joining the Faces in 2015 were not entirely welcome:

"Well, it's just that nobody's talked to me about it. I just read it in the paper...I don't want to slag him off, but why don't you call me and Kenney? We don't have to call Rod or Ronnie about the Small Faces, because we've only got one year to celebrate the 50th anniversary. We can't do it in 2016, and we're not gonna do it in 2014...The suggestion I read in the paper is we get together in 2015. Not acceptable! Why wouldn't he call me to ask if I'm f***ing busy? I've got gigs. I'm a working musician. I work every day. So it's like...Kenney and I are planning on 2015. We'll see what happens."

McLagen and Jones helped to compile the new, limited edition box set "Small Faces -- Here Come The Nice: The Immediate Years 1967-1969," due out January 27. McLagen has a new solo album coming in 2014 as well.