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Peter Frampton’s Luggage Among Items Stolen from Denver Airport

Traveling can be a pain for anyone, even guitar legend Peter Frampton!

The rocker experienced an unfortunate situation earlier this year when his luggage was snatched up at the Denver International Airport by a man who has also admitted to stealing the belongings of several other travelers, according to The Denver Post.

John Allen Papelbon, 52, reportedly told the Denver police that he has taken seven bags from the DIA this year. Among the items said to be found in Papelbon’s home is the tag to Frampton’s luggage that was stolen back in July.

Unfortunately, Frampton’s bag and the items inside are seemingly still missing, but if the “Do You Feel Like We Do” singer’s past luck is of any indication (his custom Les Paul was returned to him last year after three decades) he could still get his belongings back at some point!

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