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The Who Posts Online "Tommy" Trivia Game

The Who
is ramping up for the November 11 release of new Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions of "Tommy" with The Who Game, an online trivia contest which lets fans test their memories of details about the rock opera.

The right number of correct answers unlocks an exclusive live performance of one of the songs from the set, which boasts and HD remaster and a Hi-Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-ray mix of "Tommy," a set of Pete Townshend and band demos for the set and a disc featuring "Tommy" recreated in its entirety via live recordings from various Who performances during 1969.

Frontman Roger Daltrey tells us he still marvels at the long life "Tommy" has enjoyed since its release back in 1969:

"Yeah, it seems to rear its head every four or five years for some reason, I don't know. But it's always good when it does because I continually hear things new in it, and I suppose as the years go by it means different things. I've got much more appreciation for what it did for me as a person than I had at the time of recording it, from those early days of performing it. So I look back on it now and I think, 'I wonder what would've happened if I hadn't have sung that and performed that in those days?'"

Daltrey has performed "Tommy" with his solo band as well as with the Who.

A new documentary, "Sensation -- The Story of The Who's Tommy," recently debuted on the BBC and will be released during March on DVD and Blu-ray.

Daltrey and Townshend have announced their intention to tour the world in 2015 for The Who's 50th anniversary, which will likely be the band's final full-scale tour -- though it will continue to play live.