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Stephen Stills Disses Neil Young for Ditching Buffalo Springfield Reunion

“For What It’s Worth”, Neil Young still believes that “There is the seed of something great still there.”

Young, who disappointed Buffalo Springfield fans everywhere by dropping out of the planned 30-date reunion tour this year, now believes that the band is “worth exploring again."

Often overlooked however, is the effect that Young’s departure had on his bandmates. Fellow Buffalo Springsfield member Stephen Stills, recently spoke with Rolling Stone about the issue, and expressed his slight annoyance with the change of plans.

"It left me in a lurch for three quarters and ruined my financial planning. Also, 150 people got laid off that were supposed to work on the tour”, he explains.

However, Stills doesn’t seem to be as angry as you’d think, also adding, “He was very kind to me in his book, I can't be unkind about it... Working with Neil is a privilege, not a right.”

We’re glad to hear that Stills isn’t too sour on the subject so we can continue to hope for a Buffalo Springfield reunion sometime in the future.

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