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    Loren & Wally Morning Show

    Well, hello there!

    I’m Lauren Beckham Falcone, the new(ish) sidekick on the “Loren & Wally Show” on WROR. I’m hoping the job comes with a cape and a mask!

    The only person more excited than I am about my new job is my father, Bruce Beckham, who can recite every “Men From Maine” by heart. He’s a real hit at kids’ birthday parties.

    A little background: I worked at the Boston Herald for almost 18 years - I started when I was 12 - most recently as a columnist writing about pop culture, politics, news and other hot topics of the day.

    I live in Canton with my husband, Dave, and my 8-year-old daughter, Lucy. We used to have a dog named Norman. Now we call him Poor Dead Norman.

    My mother, Beverly Beckham, has been a columnist in the Boston area who has written about our family for more than 30 years, first working for the Patriot Ledger, then the Herald and now the Globe. So, if you’ve been reading her, you pretty much know everything already.

    But if you don’t....(cue the music!) are:

    A Baker’s Dozen Facts about LBF*

    Once, at Foxwoods, I ballroom-danced with Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block. It wasn’t romantic. It was for a story.

    I rode up in an elevator with the drummer from the Rolling Stones and had no idea who he was. (I still don’t. I just had to Google him. It was Charlie Watts.)

    About 15 years ago, a homeless man chased me down the street screaming “Gloria, Gloria!” because he thought I was Sally Struthers. This was a dark period in my life.

    It takes me at least three seconds to tell my right from my left.

    I live five doors down from my parents. You might think this is strange, but you haven’t seen my parents’ supply of wine.

    My daughter, Lucy, has Down syndrome. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me, and because of her, I've been introduced to the most amazing community of parents, advocates, teachers and friends. Unfortunately, she also introduced me to Dora and Caillou.

    My first concert was Donny & Marie at the South Shore Music Tent. My taste in music has remained suspect.

    Our family dog, Molly, was a black lab that ate socks. As in chewed, swallowed and (most often) digested, except for the four times the sock gotstuck, after which Molly got a certain, sad look. Now, when someone is sick or depressed in our family, we say: “You look like you ate a sock.” This family phrase cost us $4000 in surgeries.**

    I can fit my entire fist in my mouth. You learn these kind of things when you’re a kid on a houseboat in Nevada.

    Sometimes, when the spirit moves me, I like to go to piano bars and belt out “Cabaret.” I highly recommend it.

    My last meal would be a grape soda, a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips and a meatball sub from D & E Pizza in Canton.

    The first movie I ever saw was “The Way We Were.” My mother took me. I was four. It’s still one of my favorites.*

    I wish I had a southern accent. You can get away with so much more when you sound like Suzanne Sugarbaker or Tami Taylor.

    And finally: I know all the words to the rap song from “Revenge of the Nerds”...but have no clue where my keys are.**

    *In no particular order

    **Poor Dead Norman was a beagle/basset hound mix with separation anxiety. He was on Paxil.

    ***My mother often dismissed me from school to go see a movie. I was in third grade art class when I was dismissed for a dentist appointment. (Wink, wink.) That time she took me to see “Mommie Dearest.”

    **Yeah, that’s 14. I also have a tough time counting.


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