Happy Thirsty Thursday, everyone!

Today, Hank, Lungboy and I discovered that a Long Island Iced Tea has a whopping 780 calories in it. On the plus side, a vodka soda, especially with mint and cucumber, is actually pretty good for you.

In other news, today was crazy fun because we got to talk to actor, host and Oscar-winning songwriter Paul Williams.

Lungboy remembers him as Litte Enos Burdette from “Smokey and the Bandit.”

Hank thinks of him every time he hears the theme from “The Love Boat.” (Williams wrote it. And guest starred!)

I associate Williams with The Carpenters’ “We’ve Only Just Begun.” (He wrote that, too, as well as “Rainy Days and Mondays”.)

But we all know one of his greatest accomplishments was writing the entire soundtrack to the original “Muppet Movie” and its greatest song, “The Rainbow Connection.”

We talked to Williams about working with Barbara Streisand, Jim Henson and now, Daft Punk. He opened up about writing, acting, hosting and how he never knew he had such enormous talent until he was failing at another career. Check out the interview below.

Other things you probably didn’t know about Williams? He has two brothers, one is a rocket scientist with NASA and the other penned Dobie Gray’s “Drift Away”. And if you get a chance, watch “Paul Williams Still Alive” a 2011 documentary about Williams’ career and its rise and fall (and rise again) due to drug and alcohol addiction.

We also had the chance to talk to talk to Jamie Witherell, the Chicopee native and UMass grad who lost 130 lbs thanks to a lot of hard work and the ABC show “Extreme Weight Loss.” Wetherell started out a 292 lbs and was contemplating suicide. Nine months later, she’s 172 lbs and runs a 5K every morning. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her story is compelling. Check it out below.

And we hope to see you tonight from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Waxy O’Connor’s in Foxboro for the first of three comedy competitions for the opening act for our Bob Marley/Men From Maine Comedy Show at The Wilbur Theater Sept. 21!