Disney World... Yay!

Enter to Win - Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 5am to 6pm

Good Morning!

Day 3

Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth! It's also the sunniest place on earth, so if you visit Disney during the summer, wear sunblock!

The best thing about Disney these days is their huge expansion of Fantasyland, the biggest in the park’s 42 year history. And the new and improved Fantasyland is a sight to behold.

First up - food. Be Our Guest is a "Beauty and the Beast"-themed restaurant with three dining rooms designed just like the Beast’s castle in the beloved Disney tale. If a casual meal is more your style, head on over to Gaston’s Tavern for bites and non-alcoholic brews. As for rides, Dumbo got a major upgrade. Now it’s two rides and the kids can wait inside the Story Book Circus play center instead of outside. 


Enchanted Tales with Belle is an interactive one-on-one show with Belle, and kids can co-star right along with her. And board a magical clam shell for Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid, a family-friendly adventure with lifelike replicas of the movie’s favorite characters.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride will open in 2014 and later this year,  Snow White's Scary Adventures will be replaced by Princess Fairytale Hall, where guests can hob nob with Cinderella, Tiana, Snow White, Jasmine, Rapunzel, and Aurora.


Proving it’s a Small World After All, our guide, Mike, is originally from Braintree, and his sister-in-law is good friends with my high school health teacher, Mr. Tricomi. Also, Mike’s a fan of The Loren & Wally Morning Show. (Of course he is!) 

OK, now for my embarrassing ride on Test Track, refurbished in 2012 and re-opened last December.

I’ve never been a fan of rides, but I’ve been TERRIFIED of them ever since my brother tricked me into going on Splash Mountain, which was a lovely little adventure until the SURPRISE ENDING, you know, when it drops unsuspecting little sisters 53 feet into a body of water.

Test Track is not a drop. It just goes fast. Up until I got in the car, I was calm. You can design your own virtual vehicle from engine to accessories and you can see at the end of the race how well your design did. (Ours was a fabulous hot pink number with sparkly stars.)


Anyway, I’ll let the video speak for itself: 

Check in tomorrow for Harry Potter, Emeril’s and all things Universal!

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