Just a Few Reasons You Should Go Binge Watch “Orange is the New Black” at This Very Moment.

Orange is the New BlackNow that “Breaking Bad” is over and Walter White has left the building, you have some serious time on your hands. Which is why you should head on over to Netflix and spend the next 13 hours watching this extraordinary series.

Based on the same-named memoir by Piper Kerman, it stars Taylor Schilling as 30-something Piper Chapman, who is thrown in a federal prison for 14 months because of a drug running incident when she was in her 20s.

Obviously, her whole life is thrown into turnoil. She has to leave her fiance Larry (Jason Biggs of “American Pie” fame), her soap-making business, her best friend and her family.

1. The characters: Consider this conversation between Jamie, WROR's promotional directior and me:

Me: Hey, which character do you like best on “OITNB”

Ohh. Well...(pause). Probably the girl with the crazy hair who is like, Red's daughter.

“Oh I love her too.”

“But wait, I also love the crazy religious girl. Oh my god, those teeth. And Chapman of course.”

“I love Crazy Eyes...but I also love the skinny yoga lady....oh and the really nutty one who is always in a tank top. She's nuts!”

The point? Every character is so well-drawn and interesting, you can't help choose one. Trust me. It's like choosing between Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte or Miranda. “OITNB” is “Sex and the City” in prison jumpers.

2. Great plot lines. This isn't your creepy uncle's women's prison series. Each prisoner, no matter how scary or mentally unstable, has a back story that makes them, if not sympathetic, then intriguing.

3. Finally, a show about women, by women, starring real women.

4. Oh, yes, And Taylor Schilling. She's from Wayland. And she's awesome.