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So, yesterday, in an attempt to be a good mom, I took Lucy to the Mary Baker Eddy Library (you know, the one by the Christian Science Building and reflective pool). It was a gorgeous October day - 80 degrees! - and the city is celebrating ArtWeekBoston, which has been in the news lately because of its exhibits includes the 75 pianos placed all over the city for people to play. (PS - Loren, Wally, Tom and the whole gang will be at Sullivan's at 11:30 a.m. this morning to tickle the ivories, so stop by!)

Anyway, Lucy is studying the continents, so we checked out the Mapparium, a really cool exhibit where you step inside a stained-glass globe.

Then we stopped by Artists For Humanity's "Transcending Boundaries" exhibit, where we had photos taken and placed on a board. Underneath the Polaroids (no school like the old school!) we wrote questions we'd ask people from other countries. Lucy asked "Do you like chocolate ice cream, too?" I asked "Do you listen to Loren & Wally?" (I know. Shameless). 

And we were lucky, because there was one of the 75 pianos right outside the exhibit.

Lucy looked right at home.