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Great show today! Lemorne Morris of Fox TV's “New Girl” stopped in and while we were all very excited, Wally was like a 6th grader at a New Direction concert. We are trying to get Lemorne to hide a Loren & Wally statue on look for it this season, which kicks off Sept. 17 on Fox at 9 p.m.


OK, so I had an epiphany yesterday while “exercising”. And I put that in quotes because my version of exercise is a brisk walk to my friend Melissa's parent's house for dessert after they finished up Rosh Hashanah dinner.


Anyway, I listen to music on my walks.

And even though I work for a radio station, my taste in music is sketchy at best. (Barry Manilow rates among my faves.)


But about 20 minutes into my trek, I realized my taste in music isn't just sketchy. It's atrocious. And completely the wrong kind of music to work out to. No wonder I hate to work up a sweat. Unless I count sad, lonely tears as sweat.


How can you possibly be motivated by this:




You Won't See Me Cry from “Shadows and Light” 1992 – Wilson Phillips


I can see choosing “One More Day” - it was even in “Bridesmaids”. But this is in my musical rotation. And worse. I genuinely like it. A lot. Maybe it's the harmony. Or the saxophone solo that reminds me I was once 20 and things like that got to me. Maybe it's Chynna Phillips' fab hair. I have no idea. It's so wrong. Yet so right.


On to my next secret shame. Chicago has a slew of classic, legit hits. Yet, these are the ones I walk to.


Love Me Tomorrow” It's the piano bridge. And Peter Cetera. I can't myself.


Stay the Night” It's the video. And Peter Cetera. Again, I have no shame.



On that note, have you noticed a trend? These songs are not songs. They are dirges! What is my problem?


OK, they are not all slow. Though they are all bad – in the context of taste. Yet, I still love them and will not delete them.


Here are some more upbeat jams that I'm embarrassed about.


Wild Wild West” by Will Smith.


Yes, I know this has no street cred in terms of both rap or musicality. But it's my jam, man. Try not seat dancing to this sucker at your desk.


And this is just pure 90s awesomeness that reminds me of my best friend Melissa, who twerked LOOOONG before Miley Cyrus.


Finally, this came on, which seriously sent me into a small stretch where I was walking AND weeping a little. Which I don't think burns any more calories.