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Snooki? Jack Osborne? Elizabeth Berkley? And a dozen other people I've either never heard of or don't want to hear from again?

Yes, season 17's new cast was revealed on "GMA" this morning. And while I loves me some Tom Bergeron AND the fact that Valerie Harper is in remission from her cancer, I'm not sure I'm intrigued by this band of merry thieves.

Anyway, today we talked about lots of stuff. Like: which dead celeb you'd like to see come back to life. (Wally chose Dean Martin, Tom Doyle picked Johnny Carson and Lungboy requested Chris Farley.) Me? I was with the majority of America in the "60 Minutes/Vanity Fair" poll and picked Princess Diana.

We also chatted about the unwritten rules in life that we all wish were written. Example? Letting people off the T, elevator or door BEFORE you start to get on. My pet peeve? People who wear pajama bottoms outside the house. Really. I see this fashion roadkill in cafes, walking the dog and grocery shopping. (Don't get me started on Wal-Mart.)

In other news, I had a GREAT Labor Day weekend in Boston. Lucy and Dave went to the game Friday night while I sat on the terrace at the Park Plaza (we won the room at an auction.) We hit Restoration Hardware, which is at the corner of Berkley and Newbury. That place is a museum of awesomeness I can't even begin to afford. They're waiting for a beer and wine license so they can serve customers, which is a great idea because I'd have to be snookered to pay $2500 for a TV stand. Still, check out these photos. Coolest. Rooms. Ever.

And finally, my big regret: not buying this hat. I need to be invited to Prince George's christening.