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The Broadway musical WICKED (Photo by: Joan Marcus)
Three years ago, I tried to see “Wicked”, the blockbuster Broadway musical that tells the story of the “Wizard of Oz” from the Wicked Witch of the West’s point of view, with my 7-year- old daughter, Lucy. I thought it would be a fun night out.
Turns out, “Wicked” was a tad too dark for her and before we saw a glimpse of Elphaba, we were scuttling up the red carpet and out the door.
I’ve been listening to the CD ever since, but never got a chance to see the actual story behind the songs - until last Thursday night, when “Wicked” returned to Boston. 
This time, I brought a friend who isn’t afraid of flying monkeys or the dark. Good decision.
In short, it was a “Wicked” good time. (Sorry. Had to do that.)
It’s at the Opera House until September 15th and tickets start at $33. (By the way, did you know the musical “book” was written by Winnie Holzman, who also created “My So-Called Life”, wrote for “thirtysomething” and produced “Once and Again”? All major influences in my early television-watching days. No wonder I loved “Wicked.”)
And speaking of television, two of daytime television’s stars are in the show - The Wizard is played John Davidson from “The John Davidson Daytime Show” “The New Hollywood Squares” and “That’s Incredible” and Madame Morrible is played by Kim Zimmer, famous for her role as Reva Shayne  on “Guiding Light.” 
 John Davidson as The Wizard (Photo by: Joan Marcus)
Kim Zimmer as Madam Morrible (Photo by: Joan Marcus)
Go see it. You won’t be disappointed. The cast is superb, the set is impressive and the message - and music - is heartbreaking but inspiring.
A few fun facts about the musical.
It’s been Broadway’s highest grossing show for nine years.
More than 7 million people have seen “Wicked” on Broadway since 2003 and more than 12 million have seen in on its national tour.
“Wicked” has grossed a combined total of more than $2.1 BILLION for its North American companies alone.